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VOLVO Perrys Canterbury

Dear Mr Lee,

I am just writing to confirm my satisfaction with the superb show you co-ordinated and presented for us for the Volvo 540 launch.

We came to you quite late in the day and as a direct result from an article I read in the Sewells Magazine and I was more than pleased with the response we had from the event and its planning. The layout of the invitation with the customer incentives and the cabaret time programme were very successful.

I have no doubt that we will use you again in the near future and the variety you offer means we will never run out of ideas between us. I do hope you take up my suggestion and hire a building and stage an event showing off some of your attractions and ideas. I will be the first to subscribe £100 to attend as I am sure it will be money well spend to see the range.

Once again a warm thank you from our team for helping us make a success of this last launch.

Yours Sincerely

Shane Sivier