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VOLKSWAGEN Colbourn Garages Peasmarsh

Dear Mr Lee

I thought I should write and congratulate you for such a superb result on our recent business night. The concept and the style of invitation certainly got the results you promised.

Over 120 local business people filled in the RSVP cards. Of these over 70 were company bosses who had never been on our books. By the time you added partners, wives and our own regulars I would estimate we had about 300 attend.

Almost all who attended marked the special RSVPs to the effect that they wanted contacting. Many were 'currently' looking to replace vehicles. Some of these were fleet operators. The idea of mailing to all local small businesses in the postcode certainly paid off.

The show, the food, the drink and the compering was superb. You compered the evening and held the event together very well. I know everybody had a great time. Finally, I was surprised to see we could address 'all' local businesses with an invite at only £100 per 1,000. We will of course make good use of those left over, and I would most certainly advise others to take up your offer of a local business night.

Yours sincerely

Roy Sawyer, AMIRTE

General Manager