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Most dealers experience inconsistent results promoting the occasional event.

It's easy for your staff to have ideas but, have they tested the theory hundreds of times in a live environment. Have they 'identified' consistent sales results every time?

Showroom Events was founded in 1989 to attain consistent results from dealer events using turnkey operations. We easily promote with more dealer evenings each year than any other company or manufacturer.

We know exactly how to get prospects to respond.

Without charge we share our knowledge and show you samples of response via results, references and video

Our turnkey operation provides a perfect event, cost less and gives the highest result.

GUARANTEE: To obtain stunning responses from proven invitations.

GUARANTEE: Event prices to be 30% more cost efficient than breaking up the event to separate local suppliers. Even cheaper than DIY.

GUARANTEE: When using our process, additional data and advice, we will obtain enough sales leads to justify your spend.

GUARANTEE: To provide original and unique car launch effects.


Nowadays the response from prospects invited to 'see a manufacturers new car' or 'attend a dealership open evening' has declined. Economy has forced aerodynamic shapes which makes most cars look very similar.

TV programs, car magazines, advance European builds and now the Internet provide pre exposure before UK launch.

To succeed in this competitive promotional arena your event must be high tech and ultra enticing. You need help from a company with a proven track record.


Professional sales staff should not spend valuable selling time attempting to organise the occasional live event. If not well attended, both the product and your dealership will be damaged beyond repair.

If the event is well attended, staff may lose sales when certain cogs are not in place.


Over the years we have seen an array of companies jump onto 'the car dealer launch' bandwagon.

1) Are they independent of manufacturers. Non-biased.

2) Ask for written evidence of an ability to substantially increase showroom traffic.

3) Speak with previous customers and ask who devised the invitations.

4) Have you compared cost (like for like). We provide free itemised quotations here.

When thinking of using a manufacturers team please remember, it's your cash, your dealership, your customers and your choice.

Any event company is only as good as the crew on the day. We do not obtain work because who we know. Only what we know!