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The following are just a small selection of tried and tested event styles or themes to ensure an entertaining and enticing evening that target prospects who will want to attend.


Over the years we have themed showrooms to every style imaginable. Themes like Las Vegas Casino, Roman, Hollywood, Jungle, James Bond, Caribbean, Vintage, The Oscars and much more. Our contacts are extensive and we add entertainment to match the theme.


Currently our most often chosen style of evening is a tribute show. All our artist are full time professionals of the highest quality. All work around the world on cruise liners, prestigious hotels from London to Dubai and all have appeared on TV. Our current choice can be seen at our web site or within our entertainment section.

From the hundreds available our limited choice reflects our experience in this market. Again ensuring your prospects are only exposed to the highest of quality entertainment.


Amazing world renowned illusion show performed with ultra violet lights in total darkness. During the 20 minute show ultra violet dragons, demons and snakes battle to a magical story. The performance is sequenced to music with many magical moments.

For a small extra charge, during the final seconds of the performance and just when the audience think it's all over, the magician vanishes and the car appears.

A very futuristic launch effect.


This version of the show is unique. Questions displayed on twin 6ft video screens include some about your dealership and your make of car.

The stage set is extensive and as stunning as the TV program itself. Effects include contestants monitors, computer graphics, trussing, music, sound effects and those highly technical sweeping lights. We can even provide a Chris Tarrant Look-A-Like.

Contestants are selected at random in this fast moving version of the game which is adapted to promote you and your product.

Prizes are made up of after sales supplies and services. But, for a small fee we offer to part underwrite the cost to win a car or a prize of £1000 cash. Entertainment can be added.


Normally organised in conjunction with a local retailer. We supply the complete stage set all lighting, catwalk, fashion music, commentary, general organisation and operation. Live camera operators and follow spots can follow the action displaying this on large 6ft video screens during the show.

Given enough notice to prepare for this event, and then portray the evening through our unique full colour invitations attracts a wide range of age groups. Entertainment can be added.


You have probably seen such programs on TV. We bring a whole stage set to your dealership with an expert chef. During a 40 minute demonstration the chef will show just how easy it is to create some fantastic dishes with limited resources. Camera's are mounted above the cooking area to give customers a birds eye view on 6ft video screens of this mouth watering event. Entertainment can be added.


Particularly attractive to the ladies. We team up with various national and local cosmetic specialist to bring you this very upmarket evening. During the evening volunteers are given an opportunity to have a make over, manicures, nails painted and even hair extensions. Entertainment particularly chosen for ladies can be added.


A feature packed evening involving good breakdown practices from the AA, good safety and security procedures from the local police and various demonstrations from wheel changes to MOT test procedures. Entertainment particularly chosen for ladies can be added.


Using our own databases to target your local company bosses this event includes a presentation and some enticing entertainment.

The evening begins with a multimedia presentation on the various financial packages and tax incentives available to business buyers. After the presentation your prospects will enjoy a superb evening of entertainment.


No longer obtaining the responses of years ago but still a consideration when teamed up with more modern ideas. Our casino manager will often organise prizes during the the event together with opportunities to connect the evening with a local charity. Entertainment can be added.


By providing you with data to target local managing directors we are able to both invite these and also request donations of goods for auction via faxed promises. Some work may be required to collect goods but, this can often be done by the local charity volunteers and parts vans. Alternately many companies will arrange to drop them off. Entertainment can be added.

An extremely good PR event with bargains for your customers.


We are in contact with every classic car club in the UK. Whether you require one or a selection of cars we can often help arrange all types of vehicles.


On occasion you may be looking for a special prize to advertise. A prize that would normally be beyond the budget or the risk a deal can take. The answer could be to insure a big prize for a weekend competition that really does add some extra excitement.

Just for our customers, we have acquired quotations from a specialist insurer who will supply everything required and have some great ideas. Please take at look at our insured prizes section by clicking here.