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Thank you for visiting our web site and we hope you take a look at our car display products and car display ramps at

We are a totally independent dealer event company working all over the UK and abroad, achieving all our contracts from our results.

Proving it's what we know rather than who we know that has made us the number one choice for UK franchise car dealers wishing to stage promotional events.

We have many Unique Ideas and products that others can only copy.

Our aim has been to create an informative web site which professionals take the time to read.

A site which shows our statistics are possible. To see for yourself the events the shows and the results.

Especially references , media reports and video from menu to your left.

Founded in 1989, by staff who have been promoters for over 30 years, Showroom Events have tried all types of dealer events. Experiencing every result, we have learnt the secret to attaining the highest response to car dealership events.

The right invitation, to attend the right type of evening, together with the right prospecting data is the secret to finding new sales leads.

Our clients receive the benefit of our knowledge..

For many, we have become a one stop shop and we hope you bookmark our site for the future.

Upon request, we will be happy to contact you.

Finally, I look forward to filling your showroom with prospects.


Daniel Lee

Events Director

Ps. Over the years we have acquired and tested many unusual products which assist our clients to market more efficiently. We hope you take a look at this section.